Preacher's Biscuit Books

A preacher’s biscuit is made from mashing together all the dough fragments left-over from cutting out regular, round-shaped biscuits.

Preacher's Biscuit Books bring together elements from essay and critical writing, poetry, fiction, found and created images, personal and political histories, different publishing, layout, and design styles to tell individual and collective stories.



585 424 0650

104 Kirk Dr, Rochester, NY 14610

Tate Shaw is an artist, writer, publisher, and curator living in Rochester, NY. His books are in international art library collections including the Tate Modern, London, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Joan Flasch Artists’ Books Collection, Yale Special Collections, and the George Eastman Museum Library, amongst others. His writing has appeared in a collection of essays on books by artists Blurred Library (2017), Rereading Empathy (2022), JAB: the Journal of Artists’ Books, The Blue Notebook, Aperture’s Photobook Review, Afterimage:the Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, and other journals and catalog publications. He is the Editor of Visual Studies Workshop Press and the Director of Tower Fine Arts Gallery and Associate Professor at SUNY Brockport.


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