Mouth Sounds

This radio program is a weekly collection of recordings of vocal performance, audio language art, experiments in choral music, poetry, speech acts, documentary, field recordings, and conversations with artists and writers.

Broadcast live on Fridays at 3pm on the wonderful low power,non-commercial, Rochester radio station WAYO 104.3fm and streaming online at Selected episodes are below, all past episodes are archived on the show page here.

Episode 20

Suuuuuuun, wild Appalachia, much Black Mountain College, youth choirs, good ole Creeley, the Dymaxion man, Cage mouth sounds (always), Maximus Olson’s laughter, ballad singers, lots of Sallys, lots of speakers, the Palestinian prisoner poet’s freedom, and more

Episode 15

The OG mouther, rejoinders, disrupted speech, sidewalks, the other OG mouther, diagrammatic singers, gender spectral soundings, a kid on a sick day grabs the mic, beaten books, out there footworker, blue note raids, insane beat box, and more

Episode 5

Troubles, harmonizing language poets, nonsense words, perception plays, sine chants, memory mash-up words, electronic choirs, hushes, polyphony (is polyamory), porn kisses, not words, and more

Episode 1

A live stream of the Genesee River by artist Amanda Turner Pohan ( other bodies of water, boats, typewriters, photographs, and more

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