Collaboration with Kristen Merola

Published by Small Craft Advisory Press, Tallahassee, FL

Three-ring binder, 26 pages, 9.5” x 7.25”

Includes a laser cut and engraved paper sculptural object

Edition of 60


Small Craft Advisory Press:"Binder is a reflection on the evolution of the paper family photo archive. Artists Kris Merloa and Tate Shaw created a virtual family photo archive and framed it within a fictional scholarly tome complete with fictional works cited page and printed page turns. The pages are contained within a binder with the possibility of reordering. The family pictured in the images is made up of people in the artists’ close circle of friends. The binder family references groups within communities of people that move away from their birthplaces and create familial like connections and relationships based on work, location, vocation, and geographical proximity."

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