Enfolded By Holes

Essay published in The Blue Notebook: Journal for Artists’ Books, Fall 2008

From the essay:

“I have come to think of an open book as a hole or an opening. Picture an open book in your mind’s eye and what do you see? I see one dominant but blank image with a line down the middle, a slight staircase stack on the right and left hand sides and all of this framed somewhat by the cover. I would say the staircases on either side are signs of the past and future while the dominant part of the image is like the present. Not to change the nature of the discussion entirely, but I often feel like I’m personally wrapped up in the present even while it seems missing and separate from my sense of self. I’m more likely to be conscious of where I once was, or where it is I will be, over any conscious awareness of myself in the present moment. I think of an open book similarly, that it is centered on what is present at the moment and therefore represents a gap, an opening, between past and future pages.”

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