Highway 24 Unvisited

Interview with artist and theorist Chris Burnett published in JAB24 (Journal of Artists’ Books), Fall 2008

From the interview:

“TS: I think we can all imagine scenes of the road as an empty vista: the one-point perspective, the narrow opening as seen—perhaps, through rows of trees, or buildings, or signage on either side. Is the empty vista meant to represent the road, or is it meant for mental picturing?

CB: The empty vista is the vanishing point that overturns many of the road qualities that you mention: the one-point perspective, the narrow opening as seen . . . I like how you put it emphasizing the phenomenon "as seen." …The device bears on our ultimate goals here to explore how road literature and the experience of the road itself might serve as a way to re-envision the book. This is the aim of much artists' book-work, of course, and seeing how they deal with the road unpacks how they intermesh text with image; vision with mental acts.”

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